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Foosball League Rules

Foosball League Rules & Regulations

Download a printable copy of the rules

  1. Common sense & good sportsmanship are to be used to cover any problem not covered in these rules.  The league office decision will be final on all problems the captains can’t resolve.
  2. All players must be of legal drinking age.  It is the tavern & the captain’s responsibility to be sure all players are of legal drinking age.
  3. A team consists of up to 10 players on the roster with a minimum of 4 players.
  4. Teams short players at starting time may use available people as long as they are not rostered with another team on the same night.
  5. A player who is rostered (has printed stats) with one team cannot play on more than one team on the same night.
  6. Starting time will be 7:00 PM with a grace period of 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes play begins.  Missing man games are a forfeit – no exceptions!  Any mutually agreed upon schedule change must be made at least 48 hours before the match (except dire emergency) and the league office must be notified of the change.  All make-up games must be shot within 2 weeks of the original match date – no exceptions!
  7. Home team fills out player order first.  Visiting team order is to be selected at random (via cards, dice or number draw).
  8. Each player pays for their own quarters & prize fund each night.  Sponsor fee is $20.00 per team.  Prize fund is $3.00 per night per player.  Each envelope handed in must contain $24.00.  Table fees will be $1.50 per night per player on a table set at $.75 per game or $1.00 per night per player on a table set at $.50 per game.
  9. The home team will supply the score sheet and drop off envelope.  The visiting team is required to drop off the prize fund money and score sheet.  The drop off point will be Sly’s Mid Town Saloon, 508 North 8th Street.  Sly’s is open at 6:00 AM.  You will have until 9:00 PM on Friday to drop off money and score sheets.  A team not dropping off the envelope will be subject to the following penalties:
    1. Late envelope - $5 fine and no loss of games
    2. Missing envelope - $10 fine and all missing monies will be charged against that team and loss of all games if the score sheet is not turned in.
    3. Forfeits – any team forfeiting all of their games, same penalties apply as missing envelopes.  The team winning by forfeit must turn in score sheet and prize fund money in order to be awarded wins.
    4. Shortages will be charged against visiting team.
    5. You must sign the sheet behind the bar at Sly’s when you hand in your envelope and also have the bartender initial the sheet.
  10. The game of foosball is a race to points.  A coin flip shall determine which team serves the ball, after each point, the team scored on will serve the next ball.
  11. Scoring: If both captains sign the score sheet, the information on it will stand as is.  The exception is if one of the captains notes that he signed it under protest.
  12. Passing: A ball must first touch playfield before it can be advanced.  If the ball stops, you must touch two men and the ball must be moving to be caught as a pass.  However, if you wish to shoot, the ball does not have to touch two men.  5 man shots do count.
  13. Dead Ball: If a ball stops anywhere on the table where it can not be reached by a player figure, it must be re-served by the team who was scored upon last.  If the ball becomes dead behind the 2 man rods, it will be put back into play by the goalie player.
  14. Distractions: Jarring the rods, lifting/sliding the table is not allowed.
  15. 4 on 4 is played using all 4 players from each team, each player plays one rod.  After each point is scored, the scoring team rotates one rod to the right with the three rod player going back to the three rod goalie position.

Please direct questions to:

Nadine Bukovic

League Coordinator

467-6649 after 5:00 PM

208-9250 on Monday & Wednesday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Download a printable copy of the rules


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